About Bayanat

About This Project

Bayanat, a G42 company, is a pioneering and responsible artificial intelligence company that is powering progress and transforming industries and categories by providing predictive capabilities to ‘stay ahead of today’.


Born in the UAE and a partner of choice for over 45 years, the company, now part of the G42 ecosystem, has evolved from a traditional mapping and surveying operator to an AI-powered geospatial intelligence company bringing game-changing advantages to a growing number of sectors.


Committed to responsible technology for our planet and communities, Bayanat is a global leader in technological innovations across the geospatial industry and its application in smart operations and smart mobility.


The company brings to the world an unrivaled offer of public and private partnerships, external and internal integration, commercial strength, and speed-to-market to create revolutionary, world-first products and services that enable a quantum leap in humankind’s progress.


For more information, visit www.bayanat.ai